Aspartame and Unhealthy Food Additive Reading List

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Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (Paperback) by Russell L. Blaylock

It is almost a cliche in this day and age for someone to ask the waiter at a Chinese restaurant 'no MSG, please,' as is the waiter's knowing smirk in response. MonoSodium Glutamate (MSG), or 'The essence of taste' (as coined by the Japanese), is used as a 'taste-enhancer' in nearly every form of processed food on the market today, though 'taste addiction' may be a more correct term. But what exactly does it do? And how is it harmful?

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock answers these questions and poses some startling evidence as to the eventual consequences of a heavy MSG-diet in his book _Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills_. In basic terms, MSG (and other, similar agents) pierces the blood-brain barrier and over-stimulates the neurons of a brain to a deadly degree. Habitual intake among animal experiments has shown the development of tumors, memory loss, and a whole host of neurodegenerative diseases as the end result of excess excitotoxin intake, including Alzhiemer's, Parkenson's, Lou Gerhig's etc.

Walk into any gas station in the United States (or grocery store, for that matter) and, upon close investigation, you will find that 75%-90% of the available food has been 'enhanced' to some degree by excitotoxins. The chemical agents are often disguised by such ambiguous terms as 'spice' and 'natural flavors' or, my personal favorite, 'hydrolyzed vegetable protein.' A consumer society must have consumer slaves to keep it functioning; MSG is the crack cocaine of the food industry...and it is legally perpetuated by slush-fund advocates and a pork-glutted FDA. As proven again and again, money talks, ... [you can finish the maxim for me].

Blaylock's thesis is written in a technical style, but the use of repetition throughout each chapter hammer in his myriad points into the reader with precision and power. An important book for anyone concerned with the health of self and family. You are what you eat---but do you know _what_ it is you are eating, below the surface of taste/fulfillment?

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The Crazy Makers: How the Food Industry Is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children (Paperback) by Carol N. Simontacchi

We already worry that our food makes us fat, dull, disease-prone, and sleepy. Now we have to worry that it also makes us crazy. According to certified clinical nutritionist Carol Simontacchi, the food industries that give us packaged, processed, artificially flavored, chemical-ridden, artificially colored, nutrient-stripped pseudo foods such as sodas, processed soups, sugared cereals, and fiberless bread "wantonly destroy our bodies and our brains, all in the name of profit." We Americans (adults and children) eat 200 pounds of sugar and artificial sweeteners each year. Our children's test scores and grades drop. We become violent, illogical, moody, depressed, drug-addicted, and crazy. The reason, according to the author, who is pursuing a doctorate in brain nutrition, is that we're starving our brains with lack of nutrition.

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Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life (Hardcover) by Russell L. Blaylock

Book Description
Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life covers some of the hottest topics in health and nutrition: heavy metal toxicity, the food additive controversy, fluoride poisoning, how to protect your brain from the ravages of disease and aging, and protecting yourself and your loved ones from a biohazard attack.

This enormous book also presents the latest information on strokes and heart attacks, diabetes, protecting the digestive system, and the best ways to keep the immune system young and powerful.

About the Author
Dr. Russell Blaylock, a board-certified neurosurgeon, combines many years of medical practice with study of thousands of research studies to create this monumental book. Author of Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills, one of the first books to address the hazards of food additives, he has also written several other medical books and numerous scientific articles. He currently resides in Mississippi with his family.

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Aspartame (Nutrasweet): Is It Safe? (Paperback) by H.J. Roberts

From Townsend Letter for Doctors

"Following the success of its hardcover edition, Aspartame (NutraSweet): Is It Safe? — the first book-length look at the artificial sweetener aspartame — is now being released in paperback.

More commonly known by its brand name NutraSweet, aspartame is currently used in some 4,000 products and consumed by hundreds of millions of people. Author H.J. Roberts, MD, a board-certified internist with impressive credentials, first became suspicious of aspartame when he encountered an increasing number of patients with a wide variety of symptoms that could not be attributed to specific medical problems.

Aspartame (NutraSweet): Is It Safe? not only looks at the clinical picture of aspartame, but describes how it received FDA approval without undergoing testing in humans, because aspartame was classified as a “food additive” rather than a drug. This book also reviews how the U.S. Senate allowed this chemical additive to receive government approval.

Aspartame (NutraSweet): Is It Safe? is an important book not only for the medical community, but for the millions of people concerned with the potential health risks of this widely used sweetener, as well as those unknowingly affected by its unpleasant and sometimes harmful side effects."

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Sweet Poison: How the World's Most Popular Artificial Sweetener Is Killing Us--My Story (Paperback) by Janet Starr Hull

Book Description
Millions of dieters using chemical sweeteners will be shocked by firefighter Janet Starr Hull's story. Diagnosed with a deadly case of Grave's Disease after she collapsed on the job, Hull was told she would die. Searching for the cause of her illness, Hull discovered that the chemical sweetener aspartame found in Nutrasweet was to blame.--This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Book Info
(New Horizon Press) Author's story of how she survived life-threatening effects of aspartame poisoning. Chronicles her battle against the drug companies and government officials who have evidence of the chemical sweetener's serious problems. Discusses the effects on children, pilots, the elderly, and dieters. For consumers. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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Deadly Deception: Story of Aspartame : Shocking Expose of the World's Most Controversial Sweetener (Paperback) by Mary Nash Stoddard

Robert Crayhon, WOR Radio New York City Talkshow Host
"Author of Deadly Deception - Story of Aspartame, Mary Nash Stoddard is a National Treasure!"

The WINDS 2/19/99 [World Internet News Service]
"Written and compiled by Mary Nash Stoddard, Deadly Deception - Story of Aspartame is undisputedly the most damning single repository of evidence available that the artificial sweetener aspartame is toxic to many and even deadly to some."

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Trust Us We're Experts: How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future (Paperback) by John Stauber, Sheldon Rampton

Fearless investigative journalists Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber (Toxic Sludge Is Good for You! and Mad Cow U.S.A.) are back with a gripping exposé of the public relations industry and the scientists who back their business-funded, anti-consumer-safety agendas. There are two kinds of "experts" in question--the PR spin doctors behind the scenes and the "independent" experts paraded before the public, scientists who have been hand-selected, cultivated, and paid handsomely to promote the views of corporations involved in controversial actions. Lively writing on controversial topics such as dioxin, bovine growth hormone, and genetically modified food makes this a real page-turner, shocking in its portrayal of the real and potential dangers in each of these technological innovations and of the "media pseudo-environment" created to obfuscate the risks. By financing and publicizing views that support the goals of corporate sponsors, PR campaigns have, over the course of the century, managed to suppress the dangers of lead poisoning for decades, silence the scientist who discovered that rats fed on genetically modified corn had significant organ abnormalities, squelch television and newspaper stories about the risks of bovine growth hormone, and place enough confusion and doubt in the public's mind about global warming to suppress any mobilization for action.

Rampton and Stauber introduce the movers and shakers of the PR industry, from the "risk communicators" (whose job is to downplay all risks) and "outrage managers" (with their four strategies--deflect, defer, dismiss, or defeat) to those who specialize in "public policy intelligence" (spying on opponents). Evidently, these elaborate PR campaigns are created for our own good. According to public relations philosophers, the public reacts emotionally to topics related to health and safety and is incapable of holding rational discourse. Needless to say, Rampton and Stauber find these views rather antidemocratic and intend to pull back the curtain to reveal the real wizard in Oz. This is one wake-up call that's hard to resist. --Lesley Reed --